Monday, March 30, 2009

Pascack Valley High School Renovations | Hillsdale New Jersey

The Way We Were in Pascack Valley High School and the New and improved Pascack Valley High School!

Springtime has arrived here in Hillsdale New Jersey bringing new sites and memories for us.
Including a Fresh New Look for our High School!

I would like to share this photo-blog about our old High School in Hillsdale and the many changes that have taken place here in the spring of 2009. Our recently renovated High School is complete!

Lisa's and my old High School, Pascack Valley High School, where we met, has undergone some extensive renovations in the past 2 years. The picture below is the way the School sign on the front of the building used to look back when we were students. This has since been replaced along with a new facade. The photo below was taken a few years ago just before the renovations began.

Lisa and I met at Pascack Valley High School. Oh so many years ago it seems. We have seen many changes in our hometowns through the years. It is sometimes mind boggling to us. Ok, don't laugh too much but, this is what we looked like back then. Cute Huh? Ah yes, those were the days!

This Spring has shown even more improvements to our alma matter. Below is a shot of the way we remember it. Walking through those front doors in the morning greeting all our friends and favorite teachers. What a great place it was.

To give you a better perspective of what has changed below are shots of then and now.

And what it looks like now.Wow, what a change.

It is a transformation into modern times compared to the school we attended in our youth.The shot below was taken a year ago just before it was completed with the new sign. Driving past the school the other day, Lisa shouted out, "hey, there's a new sign on the school"!

Now with the advent of social networks such as Facebook and My Space lately, Lisa and I are finding many old classmates. And they are finding us as well. People we haven't thought about for years and years are suddenly popping up in our emails almost on a daily basis.

With springtime here the football field is getting spruced up as well. So many fond memories of sitting in those bleachers or playing on the field. Bob running cross country on the track and starting the first hockey team in the high school.

The old scoreboard is still standing. I used to try to sneak into the football games from those woods and watch the games up on that hill. It gave a great view of the whole field from up there. Just the way we remember it. Boy oh boy it brings back so many memories of the way we were.

Everything is looking fresh and clean as springtime starts to warm the air.

Still the school evokes many memories for us whenever we drive past it. It seems like just yesterday we were walking up to this building and enjoying ourselves in the springtime of our lives.

We have entered the digital age and another new sign welcomes all the students of the new generation.

Welcome to Pascack Valley High School. New and Improved!

So many opportunities for River Vale and Hillsdale children. The Pascack Valley School District is highly rated. We can both attest to that. Great teachers and programs. Spring has a fresh look for the Pascack Valley High School Makeover.

The way we were was great but today is even better. Spring Ahead!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bergen County Real Estate Market Reports

Below is a market report for Hillsdale NJ in Bergen County. This graph reflects the current market of homes on the market as well as what has sold and what hasn't sold.


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